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Last Friday, my colleague Koen and I gave a presentation about the future of mobile and the choices City Live makes. We called it ‘the magic of mobile’. Our public? Students communication and multimedia design or the web decision makers of tomorrow. Take a look:

The presentation was part of a set of experimental media classes, in which the students are challenged to do an assignment with the tools they are introduced to. That’s why our R&D director Davy ended the presentation with a GLOWE workshop. He showed amongst others how you can make a mobile application with the GLOWE specification and put it on iGoogle or your blog as well.


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My colleague Gert pointed me at a presentation at FOWA (Future of Web Apps) last week, in which Stefan Fountain talks about the future of mobile. Especially minutes 18 to 25 are interesting. They are about commoditisation or “to turn yesterday’s hot stuff into today’s boredom”.

Fountain compares internet to electricity in order to make clear how a rare thing eventually becomes ubiquitous. “And when something becomes normal, it disappears”. In his speech, he talks about the different layers we constantly build new layers on. The new internet layers (like eg the micro-blogging tool Twitter) are very visible at the moment, but it doesn’t mean that ‘old’ layers (like internet connections) aren’t important.  If we hadn’t internet connections, there would never be Twitter. Yet, internet connections have already turned into boredom, we just assume they are there. And thanks to those layers, there will always be new ones.

Check it out:

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The Belgian Rudy Dewaele, founder of Mobile Monday Barcelona and Mobile Monday Madrid gave an interesting presentation at Mobile Monday Amsterdam last week: 15 tips to create value for mobile. The 23 minute film and the presentation itself via this blog post at the Mobile Monday website.


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