The free Belgian newspaper Metro has introduced its own mobile product: ME by Metro.

For 10 euro per month, subscribers can monthly

  • call for 60 minutes to Belgian numbers or
  • send 120 text messages to all Belgian networks or
  • send 120 MMS messages to all ME and Base numbers and
  • use a 10mb data package that allows users to go on mobile internet

Customers can combine those options the way they want. Metro has chosen the Belgian BASE network for its mobile product. It’s the most modern network and it has an excellent coverage, says the free newspaper.

At City Live, we are especially thrilled with the 10mb internet offer. It introduces subscribers to mobile internet and therefore helps to bring it into the mainstream market.

Metro has introduced the ‘Are You Me’ action to put its newest product in the picture. People visiting the website are challenged to find their lookalike. They are asked to upload a picture, find someone they are really similiar to, and then others can vote for the best lookalikes. The winners get a ME package.

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My colleague Gert pointed me at a presentation at FOWA (Future of Web Apps) last week, in which Stefan Fountain talks about the future of mobile. Especially minutes 18 to 25 are interesting. They are about commoditisation or “to turn yesterday’s hot stuff into today’s boredom”.

Fountain compares internet to electricity in order to make clear how a rare thing eventually becomes ubiquitous. “And when something becomes normal, it disappears”. In his speech, he talks about the different layers we constantly build new layers on. The new internet layers (like eg the micro-blogging tool Twitter) are very visible at the moment, but it doesn’t mean that ‘old’ layers (like internet connections) aren’t important.  If we hadn’t internet connections, there would never be Twitter. Yet, internet connections have already turned into boredom, we just assume they are there. And thanks to those layers, there will always be new ones.

Check it out:

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There was a time that only large companies made the effort to set up their own website. It took the internet about 5 years before the local merchants jumped on the bandwagon. The mobile industry again proves to be faster.
Today Unizo, the official Belgian interest group of self-employed people and small or medium-sized enterprises, published an article about Mobile Marketing in their magazine “ZOMagazine”.

Mobile Marketing article

Mobile Marketing article

The article discusses how local merchants can use mobile marketing to their benefit. Our colleagues from Mobileweb are cited for their market lead in SMS solutions. The article also explains that you can go further than SMS and opt for an MMS or mobile internet solution. Unizo did their homework well. They even analysed the Belgian situation and concluded that due to the lack of subsidized handsets there is still less mobile internet penetration than in our neighbouring countries.

A nice view on technology from an organisation whose main goal is to represent plumbers, butchers and shopkeepers!

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Economists do it mobile

In these uncertain times, economists have to find another past time than gambling on the stock exchange. On Tuesday, about 80 economists gathered for the “Ekonomika Alumni” event. City Live made sure they could interact with each other, you guessed it right: on their mobile.

typing away on the mobile phone

typing away on the mobile phone

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Today, we received a visit from the organisation Stedenlink.Not only did they bring a sound vision about internet services from a municipal point of view to the table, they also brought us a nice gift.

swiss army knive

swiss army knive

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The City Live developers community Glowe presented a mobile  ‘alcoholtest application‘at the Student Take-Off in Hasselt yesterday.  And it was a succes. Students checked their ‘status’ and estimated alcohol percentage via the mobile phone and loved it.

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This afternoon, the City Live developers community GLOWE will show its widgets to the world for the first time.


From 3.30 pm till 10pm


At the Hasselt Student TakeOff; You find the Glowers @ the Cultuurmarkt

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