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The free Belgian newspaper Metro has introduced its own mobile product: ME by Metro.

For 10 euro per month, subscribers can monthly

  • call for 60 minutes to Belgian numbers or
  • send 120 text messages to all Belgian networks or
  • send 120 MMS messages to all ME and Base numbers and
  • use a 10mb data package that allows users to go on mobile internet

Customers can combine those options the way they want. Metro has chosen the Belgian BASE network for its mobile product. It’s the most modern network and it has an excellent coverage, says the free newspaper.

At City Live, we are especially thrilled with the 10mb internet offer. It introduces subscribers to mobile internet and therefore helps to bring it into the mainstream market.

Metro has introduced the ‘Are You Me’ action to put its newest product in the picture. People visiting the website are challenged to find their lookalike. They are asked to upload a picture, find someone they are really similiar to, and then others can vote for the best lookalikes. The winners get a ME package.

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A customer asked us to check how many people in his target audience have mobile internet available on their phones. With the rock festival “Pukkelpop” taking place at 500 meters from our offices, this was an invitation for a nice field test.

We decided to distribute a Pukkelpop widget application amongst the 152.000 visitors of the festival. To keep the test small-scale, we only distributed 500 flyers. The flyers invited people to send an SMS to receive information on the playing schedule of the 212 groups and artists playing.

pukkelpop flyer

pukkelpop flyer

The results of our little action were the following:


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