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Lots of geeks were sitting at the tip of their chairs yesterday when the first mobile Android phone was launched by Google and t-Mobile. The mobile phone will be on the market in the UK by the end of 2008. The rest of Europe has to wait until the first quarter of 2009.

In a YouTube film you can already discover which Google ‘goodies’ are preloaded on the phone. Amongst others YouTube, GMail, search and maps. When you add something to your mobile calendar (or any other service) it is automatically added on your web calendar as well. Which is great not only when you lose your mobile phone, but also when you are a bit of a lazy person or forget to sync.


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The Google Mobile Team has introduced ‘My Location’ for searching on your mobile phone. When you are in London and feel like a beer, you just have to type ‘beer’ in the Google search button and not ‘beer London’. In other words: with My Location, Google knows where you are.

According to the Google Mobile Blog, it works this way: (more…)

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