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City Live has preached it for more then a year now: If you want to unleash the mobile internet, you need to focus on the average consumer. The operator 3 in the UK has done just that.

Although the iPhone, Android, Windows mobile and Blackberry are top notch mobile internet devices, for many consumers they are just too expensive for a phone. If mobile internet wants to penetrate into the mainstream, it needs to be available on cheaper phones.

After the success of the Skype phone last year, 3 introduced the Facebook phone: 94 € buys you a nice slider phone with perfect Facebook integration. You are “always on”, with messages being pushed to you in realtime. Furthermore, your contacts are automatically updated with the facebook profile pictures of your friends and all status messages come together with your Gmail and Hotmail messages in one single inbox.

We’ll give the people of Hutchison (makers of the phone) a call and see if we can distribute it in Belgium!


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