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Last Monday the Belgian mobile internet professionals gathered for Mobile Monday Brussels. The meeting proved that the industry is really getting started.

3038845843_183819edfa_o(picture by Simon Schoeters)

It was in the wonderful new office of IBBT in Brussels that more than 50 people gathered to listen to the talks of Pieter Ballon (IBBT) and Fabian Tilmant (Cleverwoods). Tanguy De Lestré made sure everyone was happy. He also gave an overview of the status of other Mobile Monday chapters in the world.
On to the next one, maybe City Live can present their new MVNO venture with free mobile internet as a topic!


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  • In order to know what the rest of the world is doing when it comes to creativity and innovation, I went to the PicNic event in Amsterdam. Especially inspiring was the presentation of Adam Greenfield. He talked about ‘The Long Here, The Big Now, and other tales of the networked city’. He said among others that it’s nice to have a city filled with technology (referring to the u-cities being built). But that it’s much more important that governments and organisations know what citizens want to do with those technologies. What they long for. What they feel. He mentioned the need for information about a certain location when you are at that location. And that’s exactly what mobile services should do as well: give people the information they need at a specific time at a specific location. Quite a challenge.
  • In order to know what the Belgian mobile world is doing, City Live takes part in the Belgian Mobile Mondays. At the 22nd of September, twenty professionals gathered to discuss mobile topics. The event is still very small but wants to grow organically. We feel priviliged to be part of those first steps.

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The Belgian Rudy Dewaele, founder of Mobile Monday Barcelona and Mobile Monday Madrid gave an interesting presentation at Mobile Monday Amsterdam last week: 15 tips to create value for mobile. The 23 minute film and the presentation itself via this blog post at the Mobile Monday website.


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