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Today, our colleagues from MobileWeb organised their Web Goes Mobile seminar for the third time. Lot’s of IT, media and communications people learned how they should handle the mobile web in their business.


At this kind of seminar the word used to be “going to”. The mobile web is going to change your business, yes, sometimes in the future, it will. Not for this edtion. Both speakers and audience where discussing real business, real projects and measurable results.

MOBILE WEB 2.0, when will the bomb explode?

Marc Vanlerberghe (Google) Peter Vandermeersch (De Standaard) Paul Golding Nanno Palte (InSites Consulting)
Marc Vanlerberghe
Google Inc.
Peter Vandermeersch
De Standaard
Paul Golding
Mobile 2.0 Expert
Nanno Palte
InSites Consulting

The speakers where top notch, the discussions where interesting and the host and sponsors provided everyone with a warm welcome. Most importantly, this event convinced me that the feeling I’m having since a few months is reality: The mobile web market in Belgium is now really taking off.

PS: to know more about the content of the presentations, read up on the live twittering by Clo Willaerts and myself


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There was a time that only large companies made the effort to set up their own website. It took the internet about 5 years before the local merchants jumped on the bandwagon. The mobile industry again proves to be faster.
Today Unizo, the official Belgian interest group of self-employed people and small or medium-sized enterprises, published an article about Mobile Marketing in their magazine “ZOMagazine”.

Mobile Marketing article

Mobile Marketing article

The article discusses how local merchants can use mobile marketing to their benefit. Our colleagues from Mobileweb are cited for their market lead in SMS solutions. The article also explains that you can go further than SMS and opt for an MMS or mobile internet solution. Unizo did their homework well. They even analysed the Belgian situation and concluded that due to the lack of subsidized handsets there is still less mobile internet penetration than in our neighbouring countries.

A nice view on technology from an organisation whose main goal is to represent plumbers, butchers and shopkeepers!

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